Kicking things off with a couple of points.
Kicking things off with a couple of points. avatar

Kicking things off here with a couple of points.  Sharp points, that is.

I have a personal rule that I will not attempt something with a sub or slave that I have not either done to myself or had done to me by someone else.  If I don’t know what it feels like, how can I have any clue what my subs are feeling.

When it comes to things that are much more on the RACK* side than the SSC* side, this rule is even more important.

That being said, on to the points I want to make.

Endorphin Buttons are something that I’ve read a lot about, and have seen done in demonstrations and scenes several times over the years.   I’ve done needle play with several of my subs over the years, but nothing quite as elaborate so tonight I did one on myself to see what, if any, truth there was to what others have said.

Here’s a shot of a simple two-needle button I did on my own arm tonight:

Two needle endorphin button on my arm.

There was a slight sting as I slid the needles in but that quickly faded to a very nice warm glow that radiated up my arm.   I attempted a third needle (as you can see from the stray drop of blood) but could not get a good angle to get past the junction point.  Since I’m using 22g needles, I didn’t want to risk breaking the tip off inside my arm.

I left the needles in for about half an hour, pressing on the junction occasionally to see if it enhanced the endorphin rush.   It did feel good, and the warm glow was very nice, but nothing close to what I would call an “oh my god” experience.

This is another thing to add to my arsenal of ‘evil things to do to a sub to make them squirm, cry or cum’ but probably will not end up being used very often.

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    Ursa August 31, 2010

    mmmmmmm, it looks yummy!

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