You May Have Noticed Our Blog Looks Boring.
You May Have Noticed Our Blog Looks Boring. avatar

So have we. Seriously, we know we need to put little graphics and illustrations and such into the posts. So, if you have a source for Creative Commons License pictures you think would go well in my previous three posts, drop me a line. Until then, I’ll be looking for stuff, or seeing if we can’t create some pictures of our own to add.

Please note, they must be Creative Commons License, Public Domain, or an image that you own and are willing to allow us to use. Being pillaged by pirates is never fun if you haven’t consented to it ahead of time.

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    sadist September 16, 2010

    Heya, love..

    Here are a couple of places I go to regularly:
    select ‘labled for reuse’ under Usage rights. 🙂
    you can select for the various creative commons license types. CC-BY-NC (creative commons, byline required, non-commercial use) is my favorite.

    It’s still always best to contact the image creator and get permission, or at least let them know where you found the image, the license type denoted and what you’re using it for. At the least, it’s a courtesy.

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