It’s National Coming Out Day!
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Of course it is.  Wikipedia says so and Wikipedia’s never wrong. National Coming Out Day This day means a lot of things to a lot of people.   It’s foundation is in the LGBT movement as a day to celebrate honesty and openness about our sexual preference, relationship choices, gender identity and general sexual lifestyle.

To me, it’s both more and less than that.   I have never been what you would call ‘in the closet’ about my sexuality or about my lifestyle.   There are people who do not know me as bisexual, polyamorous, nusdist, or kinky.  It is not because I hide it from them as that side of my life has no bearing on my relationship with them.

By and large, those who do not know that side of me are my co-workers or whom only know me in a very casual, acquaintance level of relationship.   It is not appropriate, and generally not welcome, to discuss my sexual life with them.

Do I deliberately hide it from anyone?  No.  My life, all aspects of my life, are lived in an open, honest and forthright manner.    That is what ‘coming out’ means to me.    It means not needing to hide my knowledge of what the general populace calls “alternative” lifestyles.  It means not hiding the fact that I am flirting with a very cute waiter (yes, male) at the restaurant where I have lunch most days of the week.   It means jumping in and giving good, solid information to help dispel misconceptions or out right errors in others’ beliefs about some ‘out there’ topic that comes up at work and believe me, in an office of over 150 uber-geeks, wierd, out there topics come up all the time.

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