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Welcome to the beginning of a beautiful trend.  Each Friday I will be posting another fun, frolicsome, fetish focused photo I have taken at some point over the years.   They will never be work safe, but then this entire site is so far from work safe I really shouldn’t have to tell you that.

The following photo is of one of my past lovers and regular nude and erotic model, Aimee.  If you’ve seen my photography gallery site, you’ve seen this beautiful red head all over the place.

Enough words.  I know what all of you want.  So here.   Enjoy.

Bound and Displayed

Aimee, Bound and Displayed in Camp Duckstock at Alchemy 2008


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    Maxxrat December 27, 2010

    Heyyyy – no one (Brat) ever said that Alchemy had BDSM goodness.

    • Reply
      Happy Sadist December 27, 2010

      Not sure how you missed it. Bring a tent and a cross and “they will come… and come.. and come..”

      • Reply
        Maxxrat January 1, 2011

        We are scheduling our 2011 ‘events’ – TeSFest in July is a for sure and considering FetCon and Alchemy.

        • Reply
          sam January 4, 2011

          Jeez, Rat. If the SAM spoonfeeds you ALL the information, isn’t that kinda like topping from the bottom? >:-D

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