What the FUCK has that lazy SAM been doing?
What the FUCK has that lazy SAM been doing? avatar

Ha! I’ve discovered the secret to keeping a hot, juicy, wet sex life when you’re married:
1. Write porn.
2. Let husband read it.

Eventually these steps may include:
3. Publish it.
4. Profit!

I haven’t forgotten you guys. I’m just really deep in some juicy hot semi-nonconsensual kinky porn.

There may be more on that later. Hell, I may even publish little snippets of it here, for your entertainment.

Or maybe not. Wow, I guess there might be a hint of sadist in me. :-p

Things I do promise: Spell checking. Proofreading. Reasonable grammar. Don’t think I’ll be including any of the storyline or character development in the snippets, though.

What do you mean, “why not”? It’s a freakin’ blog post!

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