Monthly Archives: June 2012

A new season, a new look.
A new season, a new look. avatar

It’s been more than 3 months since my last post.  A lot has happened since then.   We’re still sorting out everything after our move into a much nicer, and *bigger!* place.  A lot of plans are in the works for how we’re going to make the new house a safe, sane, and pleasurable home.

I’m still working on my AAR for Duckstock this year.  It was a memorable experience and I came away with a profound new insight into my own psyche, as well as a couple of very shiny new additions to my body.   Pictures will be included with the after action report, of course.

Now that the move is done, some really insane deadlines at work are past and with the summer coming in all calm and relaxing, I and the Brat both will have some time to write, and definitely have some nights to write about.

So till then, dear readers, keep it safe, sane, consensual, and happy.