Sluts and Rings and Shaming, Oh My!
Sluts and Rings and Shaming, Oh My! avatar

Over on one of my favorite blogs:  The Beautiful Kind is a post about Slut Rings. I like the idea of a slut ring.  Sluts, of all genders need our own bling.  We need rings and pendants and t-shirts and great big glowing hats that say “It’s MY body and I FUCKING enjoy living in it!”

Physical pleasure, freely given and freely received, is one of the most primal needs we have.  It’s on level with food, oxygen and shelter.   Why not proclaim proudly to the world that we have a right to our bodies and to our physical and mental health?

Purity Rings are great for those who want to wait.  I don’t care what the reason is.  It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a rationally thought out, consequences and pleasures weighed and judged, or if it’s because the great stern, bearded, sky-man told you so from an inflamed shrubbery. What matters is that it’s their choice. And I deserve that choice too.

At no point will I tell someone their decision about their body is stupid, dirty, wrong, or immoral.  Shame about our selves and our bodies is one of the most evil things you can invoke in someone else.  It destroys the soul, bit by bit, every time it happens.

Society has put the term slut on anyone who takes ownership of their body and their pleasure.  So be it.  I take the title and make it my own.  I am looking for MY slut ring.   And will wear it proudly.

How about you, dear  readers?  How do you display your sluttiness, your ownership of your own body and pleasures?




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    Kendra Holliday July 10, 2012

    We’re on the same page – my definition of slut is a person who is in touch with their sexuality, which is something to be proud of in my book! So show it off!

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      Happy Sadist July 11, 2012

      People in the cages that society has built up around all things sexual tend to look out on those of us who lay claim to our freedom and our life with resentment and fear.

      I learned at a very young age that if I live my life freely, openly and with total honesty, then there’s nothing to hide and nothing to fear.

      I don’t necessarily go around at work jabbering away at the BDSM party I went to last weekend, or the fun my boyfriend and I had while my wife was with her lover. I do not, however, hide it. If it comes up, I’m honest about it. I think the longest I’ve ever gone in any regular social environment before someone ‘outed’ me as either bi, kinky, pagan, poly or any combination is about 2 weeks.

      It’s no big deal to me, and by living that way, it makes anyone who pitches a fit about it look like a neanderthal. It’s kind of fun to watch at times.

      I’m still kicking around the idea of something to do with a slut-ring. Some kind of subtle, but obvious jewelry. I remember when Polyamory was coming out of the closet in a lot of areas, people would put little parrots on their cubicles or wear jewelry with a parrot on it in some way to denote a poly-safe zone. The same with pink triangles back in the 80s when I first entered the work force.

      So what can we do about slut-wear? Any ideas?

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