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Almost a year…
Almost a year… avatar

Yeah, we know.  It’s been almost a year since our last post.  But what a hell of a year it’s been.   The mundane world pretty much consumed all of our free time and energy.  We haven’t even had an opportunity to break out the floggers and rope in a few weeks.  But you know what?  We’re still happy, we’re still content, and we still deeply love and cherish one another.   That’s because BDSM is only a part of our rich and varied lives.  There are many forms of intimacy and love and yes, even many forms of wild-scare-the-cats-and-neighbors-monkey-sex.  All of those are a part of our menu of options.

On one side, it is intensely intimate to spend a couple of hours just gently exploring each others body, rubbing, massaging, feeling, breathing, kissing.  No pressure, no goal, nothing but the blending of breath and sound and sensation and love.  The other extreme is just as intimate.  The trust and the passion and the energy; the release of inhibitions; the very primal nature of the struggle to conquer and be conquered, to bind with ropes, to blind with silk, to gag with leather.  The sight of her arched back and the strain against the rope; the sound of her cries and whimpers as orgasm sweeps over her.  The aroma of her arousal as my hand slides into her depths and the feeling of ‘hang on, it’s gonna get bumpy’ when she slides over the precipice into deep and violent orgasms from my hand inside her body and leaves me (the blankets, the mattress and once the floor at the end of the bed) soaked with her essence.

There is something else that is even more intimate to us.  Spending a day just sitting in the den cuddling together on the couch talking and laughing and listening to music and watching really bad weather disaster movies on netflix.  (Go watch Category 6 and it’s sequel Category 7. It’s almost as good as Sharknado.  Trust us.)  The physical and emotional intimacy of making love or wild, violent, primal sex is important, but so is the soft intimacy, emotional connection and spiritual healing that comes from a laughter filled day of shared lives together.

Many things are changing in our social and family environment over the rest of this year.  We may, or may not have the inspiration to post here.  I do have at least three photo essays with a how-to on topics I feel don’t get covered in the way I plan to cover them.   They’re either too technical or just bad excuses to put porn on a web page.  Watch this space for them over the next few weeks.

This post is much longer than I had intended, but what’s said needs to be said.  So go forth, my dear readers, and have a fun, frolicsome, fornication filled day.  This Happy Sadist insists, or I won’t spank you when I see you.