This blog is about sex.  Not missionary position on Thursday nights between 9:30 and 9:45pm with the lights out that no one even breaks a sweat kind of sex.   This blog is about the kind of sex that wakes up the neighbors, scares the poodles, breaks the furniture, terrorizes interior designers, and leaves everyone with bruises to compare in the morning.

I am a sadist and damned happy about it.  My pet, wife and best friend is a wonderfully smart-assed masochist and yes, she’s happy about it.  That makes us pretty damned well suited for each other.

In these pages you will see our thoughts, our rants, our praises and our random musings.  There is no real agenda here beyond the one we live our life by,  that is; to show the truth of what we are, who we are and why we do what we do.

Be warned, (should this really need to be said on a blog called happysadist?) this is NOT NOT NOT a safe for work website.  There will be topics openly discussed, in a frank and honest language, that makes HR department heads lay awake at night pondering a career change into something less stressful, like nuclear reactor fail-safe tester or political speech writer.

There will be photos.  Yes, Boobies and Buttocks and maybe even a, gasp, penis or vagina or two, will be shown.   I know, I know.  Boobies and penises makes the interwebs assplode.  Tough.  We are not going to censor our thoughts and expression because it might offend some one.  If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

This about is way too long and will most likely be edited over the coming days or weeks.  But for now, it’s what you get and you’ll like it.  The floggings will continue until you do.


Happy Sadist and his Smart-Assed Masochist.