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Frolicsome Fetish Photo Fridays
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Welcome to the beginning of a beautiful trend.  Each Friday I will be posting another fun, frolicsome, fetish focused photo I have taken at some point over the years.   They will never be work safe, but then this entire site is so far from work safe I really shouldn’t have to tell you that.

The following photo is of one of my past lovers and regular nude and erotic model, Aimee.  If you’ve seen my photography gallery site, you’ve seen this beautiful red head all over the place.

Enough words.  I know what all of you want.  So here.   Enjoy.

First night report.
First night report. avatar

If you’re not at Alchemy, you’re missing a hell of a good weekend.

We didn’t make it on site in time for the Camp Fucking Awesome masturbation seminar but there’s a good chance at a repeat performance today.  I may even head over there for “Burner Speed Dating” and see what kind of trouble I can get into.

I’m taking the camera around camp in a little while to get photos of the spectacular and oh-so-sexy costumes.

Coffee’s ready so it’s off to get into as much trouble as I can.

Alchemy Festival, here we come! Maybe..
Alchemy Festival, here we come!  Maybe.. avatar

Thursday’s finally here and we’re all ready to head out to Alchemy for a bit of Burning Man fun, southern style.  Well, once the a/c compressor on the van is installed, we’ll be heading out.

So what’s going on at Alchemy this year that might be of interest to all your wonderfully kinky people out there?  I’m glad you asked.  Click the More to see what’s going on and how much fun you’ll be missing if you’re not there.