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More frequent posting…
More frequent posting… avatar

You know, we really do intend to post more often than once every few months or even once a year.  No, honest, we do.

But until there’s something more to say, here are a few songs to get the blood pumping and set the right mood.  Add your own suggestions in the comments section below.


And finally, a couple more in tune with the theme of this blog:


The Stage Is Set
The Stage Is Set avatar

The Stage is Set

The scotch is poured, the pipe is packed, the chair is just right and the pillow awaits.

Where the hell has she been?
Where the hell has she been? avatar

Sick. She’s been sick. And I don’t just mean “sick minded”. I’ve been under a lot of daily soul sucking stress – which culminated in a really interesting, thankfully brief, hospitalization – and I’ve been pretty much focusing on getting by day to day.

There has been not much sex, kinky or otherwise, until recently.

This makes it pretty hard to write about sex. Or being kinky. Or even your relationship issues, when you and your partner are both desiring each other and just unable to follow up/through.

More later about stuff. Hopefully I’ll be back fairly soon. Just wanted to let y’all know we’re still here.

A new season, a new look.
A new season, a new look. avatar

It’s been more than 3 months since my last post.  A lot has happened since then.   We’re still sorting out everything after our move into a much nicer, and *bigger!* place.  A lot of plans are in the works for how we’re going to make the new house a safe, sane, and pleasurable home.

I’m still working on my AAR for Duckstock this year.  It was a memorable experience and I came away with a profound new insight into my own psyche, as well as a couple of very shiny new additions to my body.   Pictures will be included with the after action report, of course.

Now that the move is done, some really insane deadlines at work are past and with the summer coming in all calm and relaxing, I and the Brat both will have some time to write, and definitely have some nights to write about.

So till then, dear readers, keep it safe, sane, consensual, and happy.



English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?
English, motherfucker! Do you speak it? avatar

Also called “defining your terms”.
A great many assumptions get made about what we mean when we say something. “Sadist” and “masochist” are a couple of great examples.
Sadist gets defined like this:

Alchemy 2010 report
Alchemy 2010 report avatar

I’m still writing up my Alchemy report. It’s hard because it really was a quiet Burn for me this year. Pictures and my report on just how fun a quiet Burn can be will be here soon.

You May Have Noticed Our Blog Looks Boring.
You May Have Noticed Our Blog Looks Boring. avatar

So have we. Seriously, we know we need to put little graphics and illustrations and such into the posts. So, if you have a source for Creative Commons License pictures you think would go well in my previous three posts, drop me a line. Until then, I’ll be looking for stuff, or seeing if we can’t create some pictures of our own to add.

Please note, they must be Creative Commons License, Public Domain, or an image that you own and are willing to allow us to use. Being pillaged by pirates is never fun if you haven’t consented to it ahead of time.