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Dragon*Con 2011 – AAR
Dragon*Con 2011 – AAR avatar

A full after action report from Dragon*Con 2011 will be coming in a day or two, after SAM and I have had a chance to compare notes. It’s always fun sitting down after a major convention and talking about what/who/where/when/how we did when not together.

We apologize for no updates during the convention but Wi-Fi access was spotty to non-existent all weekend. Now that we’re home, though, photos and all the sweaty details to come. Watch this space.


Alchemy Festival, here we come! Maybe..
Alchemy Festival, here we come!  Maybe.. avatar

Thursday’s finally here and we’re all ready to head out to Alchemy for a bit of Burning Man fun, southern style.  Well, once the a/c compressor on the van is installed, we’ll be heading out.

So what’s going on at Alchemy this year that might be of interest to all your wonderfully kinky people out there?  I’m glad you asked.  Click the More to see what’s going on and how much fun you’ll be missing if you’re not there.